Diane S. in Washington on 09/10/2013


Diane said the service at this business was fantastic. Her service advisor was very pleasant and she would recommend him to anyone.

Vehicle: Mazda 626

Category: Service

Service Date: 09/04/2013



MARCIA S. in Marysville, WA on 09/09/2013


Excellent Choice

My car was fixed well and for a good price. I am grateful that I did not have to get rid of my car....THANK YOU!



JANA G. on 08/29/2013


Always available

Dwayne always answers my questions and is able to take the time to brainstorm a plan of attack for the maintenance/repairs of my car.

Vehicle: Volkswagen Jetta

Service Date: 08/20/2013



Mike D. in Washington on 08/24/2013


Spoke with Marilyn. She said she has used the business a few times. They have confidence in the business.

Vehicle: Volkswagen Jetta

Category: Service

Service Date: 08/19/2013




Michael O. in Washington on 08/23/2013


Michael said they are always honest. They get the work done in a timely manner.

Vehicle: Dodge Dakota

Category: Service

Service Date: 07/26/2013




Fred B. in Marysville, WA on 08/23/2013


Fred said he likes the business and they are the greatest. He enjoys doing business with them.

Vehicle: Ford Ranger

Category: Service

Service Date: 07/29/2013




Jeff A. in Washington on 08/22/2013


Jeff said they were quick and efficient.

Vehicle: Jeep Wrangler

Category: Service

Service Date: 08/16/2013




Joan M. in Washington on 08/21/2013


Joan said they are absolutely wonderful. The service was good and they are not overpriced.

Vehicle: Buick LeSabre

Category: Service

Service Date: 08/16/2013



Neil H. in Washington on 08/17/2013


Neil said this business has the absolute best mechanics he has ever gone to in his 56 years of driving. They have more than fair pricing. Their service is outstanding and their knowledge is first rate. He takes all of his corporate vehicles to them.

Vehicle: Nissan Sentra

Category: Service

Service Date: 07/29/2013



Jazmine S. in Washington on 08/15/2013


Jazmine said she has not had any problems.

Vehicle: Dodge Avenger

Category: Service

Service Date: 08/06/2013



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